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Hot Water Tank And Tankless Repair, Maintenance & Installation In Scarborough, Toronto, GTA

Hot Water Tank And Tankless Repair, Maintenance & Installation In Scarborough, Toronto, GTA

Hot Water tank/tankless Repair

Hot Water Tank / Tankless repair

Has your hot water tank broken down and now you’re stuck taking cold showers?

Whether it’s a standard traditional tank or a technologically advanced tankless water heater, Artisan Air has you covered.


Our expert technicians are trained to repair all makes and models. Our fully liscensed technicians will complete your repair promptly and to the highest quality standard.

What Do you Get With Our Hot Water Tank / Tankless Repair Service

24/7 Emergency Hot Water Tank / Tankless Water Heater Repair Service We have technicians available 24 hours a day 7 days a week. We provide same day appointments, so your never left without hot water


Wide Service Area - We service all of the GTA area including : Scarborough, Toronto, Pickering, Ajax, Oshawa, Markham, Richmond Hill, Mississauga, Brampton


All Repairs Are Fully Guaranteed - At Artisan Air we take pride in our work, with a 100% satisfaction guaranteed and our reputation on the line, we provide nothing less than the best warranties available. We offer a Full 1 Year parts and labour warranty on all of our Hot Water Tank and Tankless Water Heater repairs.  

Affordable Pricing - We provide the full cost of all your options so you can make the best decision for your budget. Our quote includes all parts and labour required, with No Hidden Charges

Liscensed, Insured And Professional Technicians - Our technicians are all fully liscensed, bonded, and friendly individuals who love what they do. so rest assure you receive nothing but explementary service.

No Upselling - To put it plain and simple, we're technicians that love our work, not sales people. We're here to fix your hot water tank / tankless water heater, not to sell you a  new unit. We provide a no hassle, no pressure approach when it comes to our hot water tank / tankless water heater repair services.

We Keep Your Home Clean - We respect your home like it's our own. After the repair we assure the work area is clean and mess free; or you don't pay. 

We Stay Green We recycle all electronic and old parts to the appropriate sorting facilities. All garbage is taken to Transfer Stations where is it properly sorted and disbursed to be recycled. We do our best not let garbage end up in our landfills. 

Hot Water Tank / Tankless Maintenance service

hot water tank / tankless maintenance

What Do you Get With Our Hot Water Tank / Tankless Maintenance Service

Peace Of Mind - Have reassurance that your Hot Water Tank / Tankless Water Heater would be inspected by a TSSA licensed, certified and trained professional. Our technicians are very knowledgeable about the operation of hot water tanks, how to diagnose, how to properly maintain and repairing them.  We go through extensive safety checks, check carbon monoxide readings, cleaning and sediment flushing  to ensure your home is safe and the hot water never stops flowing. We also ensure our technicians are equipped with the right tools for the job

Full 19 Point Inspection And Cleaning Artisan Air offers a full service detailed  21 Point Inspection, with the most up to date  equipment, to ensure you will never get stuck without hot water   

1) Flush Water Tank Of Sediment / Tankless Water Heater Flushing


2) Inspecting For Natural Gas Leaks


3) Inspecting Unit For Water Leaks


4) Testing Combustion For Carbon Monoxide


5) Check Pressure And Relief Valve

6 )Check Pressure Switches

7) Adjust Gas Pressure

8) Check Proper Water Temperature

9) Clean Combustion Vents

10) Test Safery Controls

11) Test Ignition System

12) Internal Inspection Of Burner Assembly

13) Calibrate Aquastat

14) Clean Burner Assembly

15) Tighten All Electrical Wiring

16) Inspect And Test Exhaust Venting

17) Water Heater Flame Integrity Check

18) Inspect Clearances 

19) Measure Amps And Volts 

Our 19 Point Safety Check Will Help To 

  • Detect poisonous carbon monoxide

  • Prolong the life of your equipment

  • Help prevent sudden breakdowns

  • Ensure your hot water tank / tankless water heater is running to manufacture specifications

The Most Up To Date Industry Leading Tools 


Combustion Analyzer - Required to check Carbon Monoxide levels in your home


Gas Leak Detector - Used to check that your hot water tank / tankless water heater gas piping are leak free


Inspection Camera - Used to internally inspect your hot water tank 

Manometer - Used to check gas pressure (ensures tankless water heater / hot water tank isn't over firing causing inefficiency) 

Digital Multi-meter - Used to check electrical components inside the tankless water heater

Temperature Probes - Used to check supply and return temperatures for higher efficiency

Maintenance Helps Prevent Sudden Breakdowns -  Having no hot water is always an inconvenience. With regular maintenance, you can avoid the sudden breakdown of your equipment. 

Your Will Save Money And Your Water Tank Will Have A Prolonged Life - Having your water tank maintained annually helps your unit operate at peak efficiency. Especially with Tankless Water Heaters than need to be flush a Minimum once a year.  Sediment buildup up in units over time and act as an internal insulator. The results in longer operating times which reduce energy efficiency and increases your hydro bill. With our water tank maintenance services, you will save money on your monthly gas bills and get the longest possible lifespan.

Hot Water Tank / Tankless Water Heater installation service

hot water tank / tankless installation

What Do you Get With Our Hot Water Tank / Tankless Installation Service

Full 5 Year Warranty On Hot Water Tanks And  Tankless Water Heaters - We take pride in our work and provide a top of the line warranty to back it. Artisan Air offers a full 5 year coverage on hot water tanks / tankless Water Heaters. If your unit breaks down within the warranty period, we will come fix it free of charge.

Same Day Emergency Tank Installation Service - Water Heaters can break down when you least expect it. No-one wants to take cold showers and we understand these situations happen. Our goal is to get your hot water up and running as soon as possible. That's why Artisan Air provides same day emergency water tank and tankless water heater installations.

Free In-House No Hassle Quoting Process -  You can trust that Artisan Air's licensed technicians will treat you with courtesy and respect in your homeOur technicians will give honest advice about your hot water installation needs. We’ll explain all the issues to you and provide recommendations that make sense for your priorities. No sales tactics with a no pressure approach.

Affordable Competitive Pricing - We provide the full cost of all your options so you can make the best decision for your budget. Our quote includes the Hot Water Tank / Tankless Water Heater, Materials and Labour required. Complete written estimates with No Hidden Charges.

Licensed, Insured And Professional Technicians - Our technicians are all fully liscensed, bonded, and friendly individuals who love what they do. We know water heaters like the back of our hand, so rest assure you receive nothing but explementary service.

We’ll Arrive At Your Door On Time No one wants to wait around all day. We’ll be at your door when we say we will.

We Keep Your Home Clean - There's nothing worse than having a contractor who enters your home, only to leave a massive mess when they leave. Once we complete the installation, we clean up so you’d never know we were there. We respect your home as if it is our own.

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