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What Is A Red Tag?

tssa red tag

If your equipment is no longer safe to operate, poses an immediate danger, or it needs to be repaired/replaced, a red tag is placed on the natural gas appliance or piping by a certified gas technician. When a red tag (also known as a product warning tag) is issued, the licensed technician is required by law to shut off the gas. The red tag program is regulated by the TSSA - TECHNICAL STANDARDS & SAFETY AUTHORITY

Why Have I Received A Red Tag On My Gas Appliance?

A red-tagged appliance means that a certified gas technician or utility company has found a critical safety issue within the unit. This is more often a cracked or damaged heat exchanger. If carbon monoxide ( an odourless, colourless and poisonous gas) is leaking from a cracked heat exchanger, there is a chance of it mixing with the air that is supplied by the furnace and pushed throughout the vents in your home. This serious threat to the health and safety of everyone in your home

Types Of Red Tags

There are two different types of Red Tags (warning tags) your appliance could receive.

Type A - An “A” tag is issued when the gas appliance creates an immediate hazard (carbon monoxide leak, cracked heat exchanger). This is the most serious tag as the gas utility company is called promptly and your gas is shut off.

Type B - A "B" tag is issued when the gas appliance does not pose an immediate danger to the residents of the home. Unlike the A tag, your gas is not shut off right away. This tag gives the homeowner a stated period of time to have the equipment repaired, and corrective action taken, or else your gas will be shut off by the local utility (Enbridge, Union Gas, Ect)

What Should I Do If I Receive A Red Tag?

If you receive a red tag immediately call a TSSA registered contractor like Artisan Air to inspect your equipment. We take extreme precautions and care when it comes to red tag removals. Our experienced, friendly and licensed technicians are here when you need to discuss a warning tag, or have any further questions. We offer 24 hours emergency service so your're never left without heat.


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