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Benefits Of A Whole House Humidifier

Updated: Apr 11, 2018

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During the winter season, bringing humidity to a comfortable level is a easy but important process. The air inside your home gets exceedingly dry and all of the furniture and wood components requires moisture, at least 12-15 gallons per day.

Dry air by itself doesn't hold a lot of heat. With a whole house humidifier, the process ends up with evaporated water (water is heated, evaporated, than distributed throughout your home). For every pound you evaporate, it takes roughly 970 btus (British Thermal Units). Now that evaporated water is mixed with the dry air inside your house.

So now there's moist-hot air travelling throughout my home?

Moist air containing a lot of heat will feel warmer, now you can lower your thermostat and still be comfortable! In less technical terms, you save money by installing a whole house humidifier, resulting in lower heating costs!

Benefits of Installing a Humidifier

1) Comfort

Having the proper relative humidity makes a big difference when it comes to home comfort. During the winter, the majority of people would rather stay inside where it's warm and cozy, rather than bearing the freezing cold,. Having a whole house humidifier installed has numerous health benefits. Colds, allergies, and flues would be less frequent. With lower humidity inside a home, your throat, skin and nose would be more prone to drying out, which leads to coughs, soar throats, nose bleeds, drier skin and breathing issues. Having a humidifier provides a more healthier, breathable air, and overall general comfort.

2) Infrequent Maintenance

A whole house humidifier only needs to be maintained once a year. Humidifiers contain a filter pad which build up with mineral deposits over time (due to the evaporating water). In most cases, the maintenance is as easy as taking off the humidifier cover and replacing the old pad.

3) Operating Cost

Unlike traditional room humidifiers that use distilled water to operate at peak efficiency, whole house humidifiers use the existing potable water all ready supplied to your home. No need for any special water or regular maintenance to keep the humidifier operational.

4) Efficiency

A whole house humidifier provides heated air to circulate throughout your home. This results in keeping your thermostat set several degrees lower, while enjoying the same comfort level throughout your home.


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