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What Are The Benefits of Installing a High Efficiency Furnace?

Updated: Apr 23, 2018

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Homeowners in Toronto need a furnace that is reliable and will keep them warm throughout the harsh winter season. Installing a high-efficiency furnace could bring multiple benefits to your household.

While an upgrade might sound like an unnecessary expense, high-efficiency furnaces are superior to standard efficient furnaces in many ways. A high efficiency gas furnace makes your home more comfortable, improves your home’s value, and can save you money on your gas bill every month. Artisan Air has compiled a list of benefits that come with installing and upgrading to a high-efficient furnace

Greater Performance

Investing in a high-efficiency furnace means you are investing in better performance and overall home comfort.

One of the best features of a high efficiency gas furnace is the electronic ignition technology designed to eliminate the use of the pilot light, a common component of standard forced-air furnaces. Although high-efficiency furnaces have a higher upfront cost, in the long run, this energy efficiency will translate into huge savings on your energy bills. The electronic spark ignition saves energy as it gets activated only when the furnace is operating, unlike the outdated pilot light that is continually burning gas.

Modern technology is also implemented in high efficiency furnaces so you’ll benefit from advances in multi speed motors, gas valves and sound-absorbing materials. Your furnace will provide better and more consistent heating throughout your home, but the noise will be almost non-existent.

Greater Efficiency

Very old systems can continue running for years past its life expectancy, they are not nearly as efficient as modern day units. Older systems loose 1% efficiency (less if its been maintained). That means after 15 years of usage, a 92% energy efficiency unit would be running close to 77%+ efficient. For every dollar spent, 23 cents would be wasted due to energy loss.

AFUE stands for Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency. This rating gauges how much utility fuel is turned into usable warmth for your home. An AFUE rating of 96% means that your gas furnace uses 96% of the fuel to maintain the desired room temperature and turns 4% of the fuel into exhaust gases. Your investment in a high efficiency gas furnace depends primarily on the AFUE rating, which should aim for the maximum benefits with minimal losses. Our ENERGY STAR furnaces operate at up to 96%+ AFUE which means there’s almost no wasted energy

The government continually regulates and pushes manufacturers to create more efficient systems by creating energy standards and mandates. The Energy Star program recommends replacing HVAC systems older than ten years. Innovations in technology within recent years have created systems that are much more efficient than the ones commonly available years ago.

Excellent Warranties

A new high efficiency furnace comes at a cost, so you’ll want ensure your investment will be protected with top of the line warranties. Our high efficiency furnaces installed by Artisan Air, come with full 10 year parts and labour warranties that provide home owners with long-term peace of mind.

Go Green

High efficiency furnaces use less fuel compared to older models, which means less carbon dioxide emissions, waste, and better conservation of natural resources. More efficient furnaces reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Installing a high-efficient furnace is beneficial for your home, your wallet and now for the Earth.


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